Let us turn your business card into a powerful selling tool. 
We start with an extra-heavy 14 point card stock for the feel of quality and permanence. Then we add your full color image and text to create an experience your prospects will remember. Finally, we coat it with our unique aqueous varnish for a protective coating that is more subtle and refined than the UV coated, high-gloss cards you may have seen.

Here’s how it works.
1. Make your purchase below. We’ll contact you via e-mail and supply an easy-to-complete form that will guide us in the creation of your card.
2. Upload and photos or logos you want to use to our server.
3. We’ll compose your card and send you a PDF proof for your approval.
4. You approve the design or request as many changes as you like.
5. After all changes have been made and you are completely satisfied with your card design we will print and ship your cards fast.

Follow These Easy Guidelines & Supercharge Your Sales 
1. Some people put too little on their cards. A business card should do more than transmit contact information. At the very least, it should  tell your prospect what you do. Better yet, it should give your prospect a compelling reason to contact you. A good card will include your Unique Selling Proposition or USP. Not sure what that is? You should read; Advertising Principals to Jump-start Your Business (see link at bottom of page). A great card will include a special offer or important data that your prospect will want to access in the future, thus forcing him to retain the card.  

2. Some people put too much on their cards. Cards with too many photos and logos, too many conflicting type styles or too much data are usually not retained. Think of your card as a vehicle for one highly focused message.  Express that message as elegantly and dramatically as possible.

3. Business cards are too small for multiple photos and logos. Keep your card simple and dramatic. For instance; if you own a restaurant you might put an interior view of the main room on your card with insert photos of two or three dishes. This would look busy and confusing. A better card might contain a beautifully lighted shot of your signature dish, with space for contact information.

4. Personal photos are great, especially for persons who provide professional services like doctors, dentists, attorneys and realtors. But, don’t create a card that makes your photo look like a small postage stamp. Find a photo that has a large blank area that will hold your contact data and let the photo bleed the edges of the card. Our design service can usually help by digitally altering your photo to create  that space. You’ll be amazed at how much more dramatic your card will appear.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How long does it take you to complete a design?
A:  Initial designs are usually finished the day after your order is received. If your card requires an unusual photo or other element we must research, the process could take longer. Similarly, revisions are usually handled in 24 hours. Naturally, the total design time depends on the number of revisions you request.

Q:  How long does it take print and ship my cards?
A:  If you provide a digital file, (or have already approved our design) the printing process takes 3 to 5 days. UPS delivery reaches most areas of the US in an additional 3 to 5 days. Please contact us if you need your cards urgently. We can frequently provide rush service and overnight shipping at a modest increase in cost.

Q: Can you find or create a photograph that represents my business?
A:  YES, many of our clients rely on us to provide photography. We have access to a vast collection of stock photos which we provide at no additional cost. Occasionally, a clients asks for a photo which is not available in our collection. In these rare cases we pass our cost for the photo along to the client.

Q: Can you use a photo or logo from the Internet?
A:  NO, unfortunately most images on the Internet are only “screen resolution” or 72 dots per inch. Printing requires a much higher resolution of 300 dots per inch.

Q: Can you find a specific logo or trademark for use on my card?
A:  YES, we have access to a huge library of logos and trademarks that includes most national brands. We do ask our clients to ensure that they have the right to use those logos on their cards.

Q:  If you design my card, can I reorder it without sending you the file?
A:  YES, we keep all artwork that we create.

Q:  I have a good idea what I want. Will you follow my direction?
A:  YES, We are professionals. Client satisfaction is our #1 goal. We'll offer creative input . . . if you want it. But if you prefer, we'll follow your direction to the letter. Send us sketches, refer us to websites you've seen. We'll do anything except plagiarize someone else's work or promote objectionable material. 

Q:  Suppose I'm not happy with what you produce?
A:  That's never happened to us because we work with you until you are happy. But, just suppose you were the first client we couldn't satisfy; you would receive a 100%, no-questions-asked refund.