You need only check your mailbox to confirm the fact that major national companies understand the amazing power of well-designed postcards. Now you can harness this power to promote your business, organization or practice.

Why are Postcards so Powerful?
1. In this Internet-dominated era we’ve all learned to tune-out spam, pop-ups, banners, even radio and TV are having trouble grabbing our attention. Recent studies suggest that spam filters divert nearly 80% of promotional e-mail. Recipients open less than half the remaining 20%.

Most of us sort our paper mail over the recycling bin and any envelope that carries the stench of “junk mail” is dropped, unopened, into the abyss. However, well-designed postcards receive the magic three seconds of attention needed to deliver a powerful sales message. Your prospects are forced to deal with your postcard, if only to throw it away, and in the process, you have the opportunity to wow them with your offer.

2. Postcards can be mailed to highly refined lists to target just those prospects that are likely to want your goods or services. Don’t be misled by print and broadcast media salesmen. Sure, they offer a low cost-per-thousand. But how many people in that thousand are likely to want what you’re selling? Mailing lists can be sorted not only by geographic area, but also by:
• household income                      • households with children
• pet owners                                • vacation home owners
• auto owners                              • professional associations
• hobby and leisure interests          • religious affiliations
• gender                                      • many other factors.

3. Postcards are a tangible representation of your offer. They can be retained by your prospect to remind them where to shop or who to call and when your offer expires. More important, a postcard can act as a coupon that must be presented to receive your offer. In this way, the card acts as an important tracking devise, allowing you to test the effectiveness of your offer. At this point, you might want to read our article, Advertising Principals to Jump-start Your Business. For now, I’ll just say that you are wasting 50% of your sales promotion budget if you aren’t tracking and analyzing every promotional effort.

What Makes a Well Designed Postcard?
Your card gets about three seconds to deliver its message. That may not sound like much, but it’s far greater than the attention time most other promotional media provide. Therefore:
• Your card must “shout” an offer that your prospect can’t refuse.
• It must offer a value that perfectly fits your prospect’s lifestyle (or business) needs.
• It must clearly state what the prospect should do to obtain that value.
• The overall design should represent value so the card is retained as a valuable object itself. We frequently make our cards look like coupons or even cash.
• Successful cards must reflect the quality of your business. Avoid flimsy scraps of paper. Our cards are printed in full-color with gloss varnish on 14 point cover stock.

How Can I Exploit the Power of Postcards to Promote My Business?
Examine the samples on this page to see how we deliver your urgent, call-to-action, quickly and dramatically. Then call or e-mail us to arrange a test run. We will:
1. Send you our easy-to-complete form that will help us create a power-packed offer for your prospects. Send us any logos or images you want to include.
2. We’ll design and write your card and send you a PDF proof for approval. You can make as many changes as necessary to ensure your complete satisfaction.
3. After you are completely satisfied, we’ll print and ship your cards quickly.
4. For a modest additional fee, our expert postal service can:
    a. provide a mailing list designed to your specifications,
    b. sort, address and mail your cards so they qualify for low bulk rate postage.

Act Now! Don’t miss another day of enhanced business. Don’t hesitate to call me with any questions or concerns. I answer my phone from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday (415) 558-8902 or email me:

Q: What size card should I choose?
A: This depends on the size of your mailing. Because postage is the most costly element of postcard mailing, we always recommend you use our expert mailing service to get the lowest bulk rate. In this case, our jumbo 8.5” x 5.5” card is a great value. When it lands in your mailbox its large, colorful presence is impossible to ignore. Occasionally, clients prefer to stagger their mailings and handle the addressing themselves. In this case, we recommend the smaller 6” x 4.25” card. It is the largest card that can be sent for normal postcard rate.

Q: What does it cost to have you mail my cards?
A: Mailing service can include many different elements including; list procurement, list formatting, C.A.S.S. certifying, ink jet addressing, sorting, bundling and delivery to the post office. Without considering list rental or any unusual requirement the basic service fees are:
4" x 6" and 4.25" x 6" postcards for 1st Class Presort Mail
500      cards  -  service fee $  90  -  estimated postage $  140  -  TOTAL $  230*
1,000   cards  -  service fee $  90  -  estimated postage $  280  -  TOTAL $  370*
2,500   cards  -  service fee $120  -  estimated postage $  700  -  TOTAL $  820*
5,000   cards  -  service fee $140  -  estimated postage $1400  -  TOTAL $1540*
10,000 cards  -  service fee $220  -  estimated postage $2800  -  TOTAL $3020*
15,000 cards  -  service fee $320  -  estimated postage $4200  -  TOTAL $4520*
20,000 cards  -  service fee $420  -  estimated postage $5600  -  TOTAL $6020*
25,000 cards  -  service fee $650  -  estimated postage $7000  -  TOTAL $7650*

5" x 7" up to 6" x 11" postcards for Presort Standard Mail
500      cards  -  service fee $  90  -  estimated postage $  150  -  TOTAL $  240*
1,000   cards  -  service fee $  90  -  estimated postage $  300  -  TOTAL $  390*
2,500   cards  -  service fee $120  -  estimated postage $  750  -  TOTAL $  870*
5,000   cards  -  service fee $140  -  estimated postage $1500  -  TOTAL $1640*
10,000 cards  -  service fee $220  -  estimated postage $3000  -  TOTAL $3220*
15,000 cards  -  service fee $320  -  estimated postage $4500  -  TOTAL $4820*
20,000 cards  -  service fee $420  -  estimated postage $6000  -  TOTAL $6420*
25,000 cards  -  service fee $650  -  estimated postage $7500  -  TOTAL $8150*

5" x 7" up to 6" x 11" postcards for 1st Class Presort Mail
500      cards  -  service fee $  90  -  estimated postage $  220  -  TOTAL $    310*
1,000   cards  -  service fee $  90  -  estimated postage $  440  -  TOTAL $    530*
2,500   cards  -  service fee $120  -  estimated postage $1100  -  TOTAL $  1220*
5,000   cards  -  service fee $140  -  estimated postage $2200  -  TOTAL $  2340*
10,000 cards  -  service fee $220  -  estimated postage $4400  -  TOTAL $  4620*
15,000 cards  -  service fee $320  -  estimated postage $6600  -  TOTAL $  6920*
20,000 cards  -  service fee $420  -  estimated postage $8800  -  TOTAL $  9220*
25,000 cards  -  service fee $650  -  estimated postage $11000 - TOTAL $11650*

All fees and postage must be prepaid in full in cash equivalent. *A 4% processing surcharge is applied to the total cost on the customer’s final invoice. The proceeding does not include printing costs.

Q: What best-practices will help ensure the success of my mailings?
A1: Focus on a single dramatic offer that will motivate your prospect. It should be an offer on first-quality, wanted goods or services, not clearance merchandise. Your offer must be a demonstrated value. When possible, use comparative prices to dramatize the savings. A free gift can be a compelling offer for service businesses. Frequently, this can be an information-based gift or consultation that costs little or nothing to provide.

A2: Create a sense of urgency by limiting the duration of your offer. This will also help you plan staffing and stock levels to accommodate the added volume. 

A3: Always mail to your house-list first. A clean, well-managed list of current and former customers is one of your greatest assets. Customers who have enjoyed your service can drift away for a number of reasons. A dramatic direct-mail campaign can reactivate their interest in your business and turn them back into active customers.

A4: Remember, most rented lists are good for one-time mailings. However, if a prospect responds to your offer, you have an opportunity to capture his name ad address. He then becomes your customer and you can add him to your “house-list.” This is one more reason to ensure your initial offer is one your prospects can’t afford to pass up.

A5: Make each mailing a test of just one element. By carefully tracking the results of each mailing you can determine which offer and which list produces the best results. Never change more than one element (list, artwork, goods, price, date of mailing). Many advertisers like to use “split mailings” to test new lists or offers. By mailing two different offers to two segments of the same list you can determine which offer produces the best results. Conversely, by mailing the same offer to two different lists you can determine which list produces the best results. By testing consistently, your return-on-investment should improve with each mailing.

A6: Make every mailing a reminder of your identity. By maintaining a strong, consistent design format and including a dramatic logo or personal photo in every mailing you strengthen your recognition within your community. Although the principal purpose of your mailing is the generation of new business, this consistency will associate you with value in your field.

A7: Create “private sales” for your house-list to add volume in off-seasons. Use your natural down-times to reward your regular customers with special discounts and expose new products and services. Private-sale mailings to your house list make your customers feel like members of a special group and reinforce regular business at peak times.

A8: Coordinate your mailings with community events. A sporting goods retailer might plan a running shoe promotion just prior to his town’s marathon or charity-run. Many merchant associations sponsor block parties or “night-out” events. Receiving multiple mailings from the merchants involved can provide a powerful stimulus for attendance and draw many new prospects to your neighborhood.

A9: Businesses with a fixed physical location can benefit from the United States Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail program (known as EDDM for short). With Every Door Direct Mail® service from the U.S. Postal Service®, you can reach the customers who matter the most to your business in nearby neighborhoods. You don't even need to know names or street addresses. Simply identify the neighborhoods you want to target and your printed piece is delivered to every active address in your target area. And now, with demographic filters, your mailings can be even more targeted to the customers you want to reach.
Choose the option that is best for you.
	•	Every Door Direct Mail – Retail® – Most local businesses choose this service because it's the simplest, most cost-effective option. It lets you send up to 5,000 postcards a day per ZIP Code. Using the approved Every Door Direct Mail — Retail Indicia, you don't need to purchase a postage permit.
	•	Every Door Direct Mail - is designed for businesses that send larger mailings using a mailing permit. With this option, you need a postage permit and entry into a Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU). This option is great for announcing new store openings, sales, or other major events. You can also reach homes during the week for a weekend event. And, there's no need to print names and addresses on every mail piece.
	•	Every Door Direct Mail service offers a flexible range of sizes, making it ideal for anything from a quick sales announcement to an in-depth product story.
	•	With Every Door Direct Mail service, you can include coupons, menus, event calendars, store maps, and more — all of which can help get customers to your door.
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