Whether your portal is a door you unlock every morning, a mail box you visit daily or a website you access from your desktop . . . you need customers! Now sales promotion professionals with decades of corporate experience explain the basic tools of sales promotion and customize them to your specific needs at the lowest possible cost. 

Learn about the five essential tools (on the right). You can use one of them or more. But you’ll achieve the most dramatic results when you use all of them in a well-timed campaign we’ll help you develop.

Promotions to Jumpstart Your Business is a fast and easy read that explains the basic principals of sales promotion, helps you avoid the most common pit-falls and plots an easy-to-follow course for your enterprise.

Eventually, you may wish to explore the four additional specialized tools to help you maximize your campaign’s effectiveness.

We’ve worked hard to make every minute you spend with us pay massive dividends in added volume and profit for your organization. Your feed-back is always appreciated.

BRANDING: How does your customer view your offer?
Company Logo                      Brand/Product Logo
Company Avatar                   Brand/Product Avatar WEBSITE: How do you effectively deliver your offer?
Brochure Site                      
Small Transaction Site          Major Shopping Site BUSINESS CARDS: Maximize the power of your most cost-effective, yet under utilized, selling tool. POSTERS, POINT-OF-SALE, EXHIBIT: Turn every store, shop, warehouse, office, and exhibit booth into a supercharged selling environment. EVERY ENTREPRENEUR’S ESSENTIAL MARKETING TOOLS
DIRECT MAIL: Discover the power of the postcard to drive massive traffic to your site, your store, your practice. Learn how the government actually helps you promote. HANDOUTS: Brochures, Flyers, Door Hangers PACKAGING: Compelling graphics that spike sales. CATALOGS: Keep your offers in front of your best prospects. PRINT ADS: Still effective when properly placed. SPECIALIZED MARKETING TOOLS SUPPORT YOUR CAMPAIGN
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