Recently, Richard Nodine joined Gary & Friends to create a book that tells the story of a beautiful gray and white rabbit named Rupert who survived a harrowing bunny-napping event and returned to his family to teach them important life lessons. The book is a super-sized 12” x 12” volume with 32 pages of text and Richard’s full page photographs of the actual bunny
in the story. Because the photos were shot in Rupert’s white palace (and he is gray and white) the book has an
retro-aire of a 1950’s volume. Perceptive readers
will recognize that it is actually in full color
(notice Rupert’s nose and the
inside of his ears). ∂ The photography was shot over the course of several months to ensure that every nuance of the bunny’s personality was accurately recorded. Richard says, “Animals have a 
wide range of emotional responses. If you are 
patient they will display all of them for you.” Rupert Rules is more than a children’s book. It’s an ideal centerpiece for family engagement and discussion. 
The hard covered book is beautifully executed 
with top quality paper and printing. 
It should become a cherished 
volume for generations.

Rupert Rules is available