Our extensive marketing and print management experience allows us to tailor a catalog to your specific needs and budget. Whether you choose a single product sheet or a 64 page deluxe catalog, your customers will be dazzled by your presentation. Here are three examples of successful catalog marketing, achieved at three budget levels.

DELUXE CATALOG An importer of baskets and woven furniture produces a full color, fully styled catalog using original images. It serves as both a direct mail announcement to existing customers and as a trade show handout to new prospects.

SUPERIOR CATALOG A coffee accessory wholesaler uses a combination of original and "pickup" photos from their vendors to produce a full color catalog.

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ECONOMY CATALOG This catalog was produced by a distributor of educational films through the use of "pickup" photos. It has a two color interior with a full color cover.

ECONOMY CATALOG This catalog was produced with simple table-top, digital photos and composed in Adobe Photoshop. Thus photos can be reused for many print purposes and the client's web site.

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